Preparative HPLC

Preparative HPLC

Since July 2015 the state-of-the-art Analytical Services lab has had a preparative HPLC with a ternary low-pressure gradient system. The HPLC system is designed and optimized for the purification of milligram to gram samples. For this reason we can isolate maximum quantities in the shortest period of time.


Preparative HPLC at a glance:

  • a pump unit offering a wide range of flow rates (0.01 – 100 ml/min)
  •  a ternary low pressure gradient system
  • UV/VIS detector with a variable single wavelength
  • fractionation valve for fraction collection, solvent and peak recycling
  • injection valve and feed pump for automated injection of large sample volumes


Advantages of preparative HPLC:

  • purification of milligram to gram samples
  • isolation of impurities of structure elucidation
  • isolation of reference standards


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