About us

About us

SYNLAB Analytics & Services Germany GmbH is a service-based partner for the international pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.
We provide fully GMP-compliant analytical services and are an FDA registered laboratory.


The analytical focus of SYNLAB Analytics & Services Germany GmbH is on structure elucidation using state of the art equipment using LC-MS/MS, LC-Q-ToF-MS, SPME GC-MS, GC-MS, NMR/ qNMR, semi and fully preparative HPLC, isolation and synthesis of degradation products in drug substances and products. In addition, we offer characterization and qualification of reference standards, planning and execution of extractables & leachables studies and toxicological assessments of contaminants.


Method development and method validation and release analysis give our customers the full quality-control package needed for clinical studies and filing. Our analytical experts guarantee a quick and target oriented solution more extensive than the standard analytical requests.

10 reasons for choosing us:

About 10 years experience

Highly qualified scientists

Excellent price-performance-ratio

Quality made in Germany

GMP certified

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Flexible & direct communication

Fast project handling

International customer testimonials

FDA registered